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Project Commercial Services

GCM Ltd understands that your requirements will change as a project moves from tender to completion.  We can support you at each stage and ensure you maintain cashflow and profitability. Our support can be provided on an ongoing basis or only when required...there is no minimum commitment. 

GCM Ltd project services include the following:

  • Valuations / Applications for Payment

  • Cost Reporting and Forecasting

  • Change Control & Variations

  • EOT Claims

  • Tender Support

  • Contract Reviews & Negotiation

  • Cashflow

Construction Site


Claims & Disputes

Unfortunately, in construction, things don't always go to plan and relationships can break down. This can often be avoided but sometimes it is inevitable. We will support you with any potential disputes which arise.


Whether this involves negotiating a settlement or taking steps to recover sums owed by means of adjudication, our team has a track record of achieving favourable outcomes.

GCM Ltd offers a two-stage process:

  • Stage 1 - We will discuss the dispute with you and investigate further to identify the key issues and consequences. Once we have completed our initial investigation, we will provide you with our advice and recommendations including an assessment of the strength of your position.

  • Stage 2 - Once you have decided which course of action you would like to take, we will support you through the process and optimise your chances of a favourable outcome. This may involve preparation of a final account or claim, settlement negotiations or adjudication proceedings.

Construction Site
Construction Site


Business Appraisals

The performance of a business is largely dictated by the quality of the systems and processes it implements. A business which is proactive and automated will always do better than one which is reactive and heavily reliant on people. 

Our extensive knowledge of business principles and management puts us in an excellent position to help you refine your systems and processes, leading to more consistent results from your projects. 


GCM Ltd will undertake an initial appraisal of your business to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks. This will allow us to make recommendations for systems and processes which can improve the performance of your business and help you take a step closer to commercial excellence. We will then work with you to implement and refine these changes whilst minimising disruption to your daily operations. 

Construction Staff


Commercial Training

Whilst we will always be available to provide expert commercial guidance and advice, it also helps to ensure you and your team are armed with basic understanding of commercial and contractual principles.

GCM Ltd offers bespoke commercial awareness training sessions which can be designed to reflect the requirements of your business. These can be delivered at your office, our office or even online.


Once we have discussed your requirements, we will prepare a tailored training course designed to ensure your team understands its commercial and contractual responsibilities, rights and remedys. This will improve your credibility with your clients and enhance your performance and ability to negotiate. 

Construction Training
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